William de CRICHTON

     1st of SANQUHAR

U.S. President [McKINLEY]'s 17-Great Grandfather.       Poss. HRH Charles's 19-Great Grandfather.       PM Churchill's 18-Great Grandfather.       Lady Diana's 21-Great Grandfather.       PM Cameron's 21-Great Grandfather.       HRH Albert II's 20-Great Grandfather.       Gen. Pierpont Hamilton's 18-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Jamie's 19-Great Grandfather.

 poss. Wives/Partners:       Isobel de ROSS   ;   Isabella de ROSS
 Child:       (NN) CRICHTON
 Possible Child:       Edward (of Sanquhar) CRICHTON
 Alternative Father of Possible Child:       (NN) CRICHTON
/-- William (Lord?; de) CRICHTON  (? - 1240+)
/-- Thomas (Alexander?; de) CRICHTON  (? - 1300?)
/-- Nicholas(?) de CRICHTON
/ (skip this generation?)
/  \-- Eda
- William de CRICHTON
\-- ?

  His (poss.) 1(+)-Great Grandchildren:       Robert (Sir; 5th of Sanquhar) CRICHTON   ;   (NN) ... (NN) CRICHTON   ;   Edward (of Kirkpatrick) CRICHTON   ;   Robert CRICHTON (1st Lord) of SANQUHAR   ;   Margaret (of Sanquhar) CRICHTON   ;   Patrick (Sir; of Cranstoun-Riddell) CRICHTON

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