Tiny cavities in iron sulphide rocks

     (these cavities played the role of cell boundaries; larger molecules accumulated since unable to pass through narrow pores)

    External page: A very plausible theory of life's origin has emerged, solving many of the problems inherent in other hypotheses. Protons from seawater migrate to the alkaline pores, providing free energy; such proton transfers remain at the heart of living metabolism.

 "Child(ren)":       Last Universal Ancestor of Present Life   ;   Proto-Cell based on amino acids and nucleotides
 poss. "Partner(s)":       Earlier Life (Based on RNA and Protein)   ;   Chemiosmosis   ;   Hydrogen   ;   Carbon Dioxide
/-- Alkaline hydrothermal vents
- Tiny cavities in iron sulphide rocks

  (poss.) ``Grandchildren:''       Proto-Bacteria   ;   Domain of Archaeota   ;   Empire of Life (Terra-Hydro Model)   ;   Empire of Life (Seven-Kingdom Model)   ;   Domain Archaea [2021 Model]   ;   Proto-Cell based on RNA

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