Alyse (?; youngest daughter) CRAWFORD

     (1st wife)

Poss. HM George I's 12-Great Grandmother.       Poss. U.S. President [BUCHANAN]'s 14-Great Grandmother.       Poss. PM Churchill's 16-Great Grandmother.       Poss. Lady Diana's 18-Great Grandmother.       Poss. PM Cameron's 18-Great Grandmother.       Poss. Louis XVII's 16-Great Grandmother.       Poss. Jamie's 18-Great Grandmother.

 Husband/Partner:       Neil (Nigel) (Sir) CAMPBELL
 Possible Children:       Colin Oig (Sir) CAMPBELL   ;   (Miss; of Lochow) CAMPBELL
 Alternative Mothers of Possible Children:       Mary (Marjory) BRUCE   ;   poss. Margaret CAMERON (q.v.)
/-- Andrew CRAWFORD
- Alyse (?; youngest daughter) CRAWFORD
\-- ?

  Her (poss.) Great Grandchildren:       Colin `Extraordinary' (Sir) CAMPBELL   ;   Ellen (Helen Helena) CAMPBELL   ;   (Miss) CAMPBELL, mistress   ;   Alexander (2nd of Hatton) LAUDER   ;   Robert (Sir; of The Bass) LAUDER   ;   William Cleirach (5th Chief) MacLEOD

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