Jeanne Sybille d' ARC

     aka Jehanne la PUCELLE (Virgin) de LORRAINE; aka Saint Joan of ARC; aka The Maid of ORLEANS; aka Giovanna d' ARCO; aka Jehanette DARC (TARC); (lifted the Siege at Orleans, defeated English Army at Battle of Patay; instrumental to French recovery during the Hundred Years' War; one of the patron saints of France)

    Note: One of the most amazing women ever. As a 17-year old peasant chosen to lead the French Army, here is the speech she gave before driving the English from Orleans:

Jesus, Mary.
King of England, render account to the King of Heaven of your royal blood. Return the keys of all the good cities which you have seized, to the Maid. She is sent by God to reclaim the royal blood, and is fully prepared to make peace, if you will give her satisfaction; that is, you must render justice, and pay back all that you have taken.
King of England, if you do not do these things, I am the commander of the military; and in whatever place I shall find your men in France, I will make them flee the country, whether they wish to or not; and if they will not obey, the Maid will have them all killed. She comes sent by the King of Heaven, body for body, to take you out of France, and the Maid promises and certifies to you that if you do not leave France she and her troops will raise a mighty outcry as has not been heard in France in a thousand years. And believe that the King of Heaven has sent her so much power that you will not be able to harm her or her brave army.
To you, archers, noble companions in arms, and all people who are before Orleans, I say to you in God's name, go home to your own country; if you do not do so, beware of the Maid, and of the damages you will suffer. Do not attempt to remain, for you have no rights in France from God, the King of Heaven, and the Son of the Virgin Mary. It is Charles, the rightful heir, to whom God has given France, who will shortly enter Paris in a grand company. If you do not believe the news written of God and the Maid, then in whatever place we may find you, we will soon see who has the better right, God or you.

    External page: A record of her trial. She consistently outwitted her prosecutors and was eventually convicted only of the 'crime' of wearing men's clothing (which she wore to reduce the likelihood of rape by her jailers).
    External page: Omitted from Michael Hart's 100 Most Influential List but ranked #53 in Pantheon's list

     Born:  Domremy 6 Jan 1412    Died:  30 May 1431 Rouen     burnt alive at stake for heresy


/-- Pierre d' ARC
/-- Jacques d' ARC
- Jeanne Sybille d' ARC
/-- Jean Nicolas ROMEE
\-- Isabella ROMEE (de VOUTON)

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