Adel I Friso (King) of FRIESLAND

     (in legend, settled in India for many centuries before being returned to Friesland by Alexander the Great)

     Born:  poss. Punjab    Died:  aft. 245 BC

Poss. HM George I's 46-Great Grandfather.       Poss. HRE Ferdinand I's 43-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Agnes Harris's 44-Great Grandfather.

 Wife/Partner:       Swethirte
 Child:       Adel II Atharik (King) of FRIESLAND
/-- (NN) of Ancient FRIESLAND
/-- poss.  (NN) ... (NN) in PUNJAB
/   / ( many missing generations)
- Adel I Friso (King) of FRIESLAND
\-- ?

  His 3-Great Grandchild:       Dibbaldus Segon (King) of FRIESLAND
  His 9-Great Grandchild:       Odilbald (Duke) of FRIESLAND

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