First Speaker of Dene-Nostratic

     aka Dene-Caucasian S-Group; (parts of language tree very roughly follow that of Glen Gordon)

    Note: Although many linguists agree that the world's languages might be arranged into a tree, they doubt that adequate evidence exists for any specific tree. Others, like Prof. R.M.W. Dixon, doubt that a tree model is particularly relevant in areas of unpunctuated equilibrium like aboriginal Australia.
But it seems fun to arrange the world's languages into large superfamilies, and the conjectured tree may be one of the least implausible. (Creoles, imperfect learning of second language, and sharing between close dialects constitute exceptions to a simple one-parent genetic model.)

    Note: There are many conflicting models for the clading within Dene-Caucasian (or Dene-Nostratic), only a few of which are depicted here

     Born:  ca 21,000 BC

 "Child(ren)":       First Speaker of Buro-Dene   ;   First Speaker of Amerindo-Nostratic   ;  poss.   First Speaker of Yenesei-Almosan
/-- Australopithecus afarensis   +====> [ 20]
/-- Australopithecus africanus
/-- Australopithecus sediba
/   / or: poss. Australopithecus garhi
/-- Genus Homo (H. habilis)
/-- Homo ergaster
/-- Homo antecessor
/   / (skip this generation?)
/-- Homo heidelbergensis
/-- Homo sapiens idaltu  (200,000 BC - ?)
/-- First Advanced Speaker  (ca 100,000 BC)
/-- First Speaker of Afro-Khoisan  (ca 95,000 BC)
/-- First Speaker of Early Pan-afroasian  (ca 65,000 BC)
/-- First Speaker of Middle Pan-afroasian  (ca 50,000 BC)
/-- First Speaker of Late Pan-afroasian  (ca 40,000 BC)
/-- First Speaker of Congo-Nostratic  (ca 30,000 BC)
/-- First Speaker of Caucaso-Nostratic  (ca 25,000 BC)
- First Speaker of Dene-Nostratic

  (poss.) ``Grandchildren:''       First Speaker of proto-Sino-Dene   ;   First Speaker of Macro Caucasian   ;   First Speaker of Nostratic   ;   First Speaker of Amerindian (Beringian)   ;   First Speaker of Almosan

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