Leonor (Baroness) of ANGOLO

     Born:   ?   Died:  abt. 1389

Poss. HRE Ferdinand I's 4-Great Grandmother.       Poss. HRE Charles VI's 9-Great Grandmother.       Poss. HM Margrethe II's 18-Great Grandmother.       Poss. Boris Johnson's 20-Great Grandmother.

 Husband/Partner:       Federico (Duke) of MEDINA
 Possible Child:       Afonso (Alfonso) ENRIQUEZ (Count) of MEDINA de Rio Seco
 Alternative Mother of Possible Child:       Paloma, mistress
/-- ?
- Leonor (Baroness) of ANGOLO
\-- ?

  Her (poss.) Grandchildren:       Federigo (Count) of MELGAR   ;   Blanca ENRIQUEZ   ;   Aldonza ENRIQUEZ (MENDOZA)   ;   Leonor ENRIQUEZ de MENDOZA   ;   Beatriz ENRIQUEZ (MENDOZA)   ;   Maria ENRIQUEZ   ;   Enrique ENRIQUEZ   ;   Ines ENRIQUEZ   ;   Mecia ENRIQUEZ   ;   Constanza ENRIQUEZ

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