Agnes (of Foulden) WILKIE

PM Cameron's 11-Great Grandmother.

 Husband/Partner:       James (1st Lord) CARMICHAEL
 Children:       Mary CARMICHAEL   ;   Agnes CARMICHAEL   ;   James (1st Baronet; of Bonningtoun) CARMICHAEL   ;   William (Master of) CARMICHAEL
/-- William (of Foulden) WILKIE
- Agnes (of Foulden) WILKIE
\-- ?

  Her 2-Great Grandchildren:       John (6th Baronet of Carstairs) LOCKHART-ROSS   ;   William BOYD (4th Earl of KILMARNOCK)   ;   Henrietta CARMICHAEL   ;   John CARMICHAEL (3rd Earl of HYNDFORD)   ;   Helen CARMICHAEL
  Her 4-Great Grandchildren:       Matilda LOCKHART-ROSS   ;   William HAY (17th Earl of ERROL)   ;   Joan SCOTT (1st Viscountess CANNING of KILBRAHAN)   ;   Henrietta SCOTT   ;   Charles (7th Baronet) LOCKHART-ROSS   ;   Mary Tufton DUNCAN   ;   James (1st Baronet) GIBSON-CRAIG

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