Was William Gipson's grandson a Congressman?

Almost all of the information in my on-line pedigree was just copied from the work of professional or amateur genealogists. (I almost feel guilty presenting this data, which represents a huge amount of research, almost none of which was mine.) But there is one connection shown on this site in whose discovery I played a role. The parentage of T. J. Hudson is a little mystery, but William Gipson's daughter Rachel was either his mother or stepmother. (One clue that ioward this is that Rachel's sister Delilah had a grandson named Thomas Jefferson Riley, as well as a son named Thomas Jefferson Riley.)

William Gipson died 4 and a half years before his possible grandson T. J. Hudson was born. Hudson may have heard stories about his grandfather's brave deeds in the War of 1776, but doesn't seem to have passed them on or to have saved any family records. He named a son after his father Andrew, but if there is any biography of Congressman Hudson which reveals even the names of his parents, I haven't found it. Earl Rosenberg produced a detailed family record which includes birthdates of half grandnephews, etc., and more biographical data on his father-in-law Thomas Hudson than anyone else. (Here's a very brief biography of my famous great-great grandfather.) Yet there was no information about Thomas's ``Family of Orientation'' beyond his birthplace and birthdate. Earl's wife Blanche was still alive and of sound mind when Rosenberg prepared his record; perhaps she had never known the names of her paternal grandparents, who died before she was born.

It was Rosenberg's magnificent genealogical effort that got me interested in my family tree in the first place, but it left a big question mark about my famous great great grandfather: Who were Thomas Hudson's parents?

I've found no other genealogy which mentions Thomas Hudson. This gap seemed unfortunate and even odd. A U.S. Congressman is hardly a ``nobody.''

T. J. Hudson does show up in Internet searches -- every Congressman has an on-line biography -- but still there was no new information.

Eventually I obtained a copy of Thomas's obituary, which mentions a brother Isaac. Still no clue to their parentage. Finally, when the 1850 Boone County Census was transcribed and placed on-line I found the following information about House Number 905 in that County and am confident that ``Jefferson Hudson'' was my ancestor, though this evidence might not ``stand up in court.'' (I also show nearby Houses which have possible relatives of the people in House 905.)

BOONE, IN 1850 Federal Census

This Census was transcribed by Lana Magiera and proofread by Amanda Magiera
for the USGenWeb Census Project, http://www.usgenweb.org/census.

Copyright 1999 by Lana Magiera
 . . . .

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  IN  COUNTY:  BOONE  DIVISION:  District No. 7  REEL NO:  136 ...

            [Page 119B; Enumerated on 28 August 1850 by H. G. Hazelregg]
 . . . .
 8   822  833 Riley          James          70   M         None           1,200     Va                            X
 9   822  833 Riley          Delila         52   F                                  Va                            X
 10  822  833 Riley          Rachael        13   F                                  Ind
 11  822  833 Riley          Jacob          10   M                                  Ind
 . . . .
            [Page 123A; Enumerated on 30 August 1850 by H. G. Hazelregg]
 . . . .
 32  877  888 Hudson         Matilda        32   F                        1,000     Va
 33  877  888 Hudson         Stephen        14   M                                  Ind                     X
 34  877  888 Hudson         William        12   M                                  Ind                     X
 35  877  888 Hudson         Mary           10   F                                  Ind                     X
 . . . .
            [Page 125A; Enumerated on 30 August 1850 by H. G. Hazelregg]
 . . . .
 39  905  916 Hudson         Andrew         52   M         Farmer         1,200     N.V.
 40  905  916 Hudson         Rachael        43   F                                  Ky
 41  905  916 Hudson         Jefferson      11   M                                  Ind                     X
 42  905  916 Hudson         Nancy          7    F                                  Ind                     X
Eventually I looked at the Ancestry.com census image. Here are the preceding four lines:
            [Page 125B; Enumerated on 31 August 1850 by H. G. Hazelregg]
 1   905  916 Hudson         Isaac          5    M                                  Ind
 2   905  916 New            Daniel         22   M         Laborer                  Ky
 3   905  916 Gipson         Lurana         21   F                                  Ky

 4   906  917 New            Stephen F.     24   M         Farmer         500       Ky
 5   906  917 New            Rachael        23   F                                  Ind
 6   906  917 New            Mary F. A.     2    F                                  Ind
 7   906  917 New            William E.     5/12 M                                  Ind
 . . . .
            [Page 127A; Enumerated on 2 September 1850 by H. G. Hazelregg]
 . . . .
 38  936  947 Whiteman       John           31   M         Farmer         1,000     Ind
 39  936  947 Whiteman       Fanny          29   F                                  Ky                            X
 40  936  947 Whiteman       William        8    M                                  Ind
 41  936  947 Whiteman       Lucinda        7    F                                  Ind
 42  936  947 Whiteman       Stephen        5    M                                  Ind
            [Page 127B; Enumerated on 2 September 1850 by H. G. Hazelregg]
 1   936  947 Whiteman       Sarah K.       3    F                                  Ind
 2   936  947 Whiteman       Daniel         1    M                                  Ind
 . . . .
 20  940  951 Hudson         Ahyah          33   M         Farmer         500       Ky                            X
 21  940  951 Hudson         Candise        23   F                                  Ind                           X
 22  940  951 Hudson         William        3    M                                  Ind
 23  940  951 Hudson         Mary           1    F                                  Ind
 . . . .
            [Page 128A; Enumerated on 3 September 1850 by H. G. Hazelregg]
 . . . .
 2   945  956 Emmert         Simon          46   M         Farmer         1,500     Ten
 3   945  956 Emmert         Mary           46   F                                  S.C.                          X
 4   945  956 Emmert         William W.     17   M         Farmer                   Ind                     X
 5   945  956 Emmert         Francena       15   F                                  Ind                     X
 6   945  956 Emmert         Stephen        13   M                                  Ind                     X
 7   945  956 Emmert         Slarissa       11   F                                  Ind                     X
 8   945  956 Emmert         Mary           6    F                                  Ind                     X
 9   945  956 Emmert         Martha         4    F                                  Ind
 . . . .
            [Page 129A; Enumerated on 3 September 1850 by H. G. Hazelregg]
            [a few heads of household shown; poss. relatives of Simon and Mary Emmert]
 . . . .
 3   958  969 Emmert         William        34   M         Farmer         2,000     Ten
 . . . .
 33  963  974 Kennedy        Solomon        41   M         Farmer         900       S.C.
 . . . .
 37  964  975 Emmert         David J.       22   M         Farmer                   Ind
 . . . .
 39  965  976 Kennedy        William        35   M                                  Ind                           X
 . . . .
            [Page 140B; Enumerated on 9 September 1850 by H. G. Hazelregg]
 . . . .
 3   1125 1138 Perkins       Jesse          50   M         Farmer         1,500     S.C.x
 4   1125 1138 Perkins       Mary           45   F                                  Ky
            [Omit five children, age 7 - 15, surnamed Perkins]
 10  1125 1138 Herndon       Elliott        19   M         Laborer                  Ind
 11  1125 1138 Patterson     Edecl          17   M         Laborer                  Ind
 12  1125 1138 Patterson     Mary K.        15   F                                  Ind
 13  1125 1138 Patterson     Margaret       13   F                                  Ind
 14  1125 1138 Patterson     Lavina         8    F                                  Ind
 15  1125 1138 Patterson     Levina         5    F                                  Ind
 . . . .

I think my ancestor was the ``Jefferson'' in House 905: The brother Isaac matches. (I don't know why Thomas is listed under his middle name ``Jefferson.'' Also, the census taker, H. G. Hazelregg, visited House 905 two months before Thomas Jefferson's 11th birthday, but perhaps it was normal then to ``round up'' the age. Any experts care to comment on whether this match would be considered ``almost certain,'' ``probable,'' or what?)

In addition to father Andrew, mother Rachael, and three children, the household seems to have had two young adults with distinct surnames, both from Kentucky as was Rachael. As explained below, I think Lurana was Rachael's niece. Later I found that these two young people registered marriage a few weeks before the census; perhaps Lurana gave the census taker a maiden name just to help out a future genealogist!

I have shown all people with the Hudson surname in the County census, though I have no evidence connecting the three households. There are 1799 House numbers listed in the Census so the households shown here, with House Numbers ranging from 822 to 965, were presumably relatively near neighbors. (From Hudson's biography we know this was ``near Jamestown.'')

The family in House 940 had a son born in 1861 also named Thomas Jefferson Hudson. (This family has a genealogy on the Internet.) We may assume that when this Thomas J. Hudson was born, the neighbor T. J. Hudson was an admired young man; nevertheless the fact that these two households were relatively close to each other and gave sons the same name is suggestive. Ahyah came from the same state as Andrew's wife; he might have been Andrew's nephew, cousin, young brother, or even son by a first marriage.

There are several Internet sources for Ahyah and Candise Hudson of Boone County; their names are given as Ahijah (sometimes Abijah) Hudson and Candees nee Emmert. Candees is seen, in the Internet records, to be the daughter of her neighbors (House 945) Simon and Mary Emmert. Mary's maiden name is given, on the Internet, as Canady. It seems likely this is a corruption of Kennedy: I have given some more families just to indicate the closeness of the Emmerts and Kennedys in that particular section of 1850 Boone County. The Thomas J. Hudson born of Ahyah and Candise, eventually married Lucinda Viola Jane Whiteman, daughter of the William Whiteman (then 8 years old) in House 938, and Mary A. Duncan. (Lucinda's grandmother Fannie, by the way, was Fannie New before marriage.)

In the third Hudson household (House 877), the founding father is missing but he can be safely identified as John Hudson, who appears in the 1840 Boone County census, aged 30-40, with four other family members of the appropriate ages.

The plot thickens. The family records I obtained from a Gipson descendant show Rachel Gipson and Andrew Hudson marrying in 1847; this would be after the births of all three children in the household. The on-line Indiana and NSDAR records show 1841 as marriage date, early enough for Nancy and Isaac, but this still leaves ``Jefferson'' as a possible child from a previous marriage. Another detail adds confusion: The death certificate of the Jacob Riley in House 822, presumably Rachael Gipson's nephew, shows Rachael as his mother rather than Rachael's sister Delilah. This probably just reflected a foster-parent relationship, but I sure do need to get my hands on the 1840 census.

If there was a divorce involving one of T.J. Hudson's parents it might explain his apparent reluctance to discuss his parents with his children.

T. J. Hudson's first wife Mattie Patterson was from Indiana and would have been a young girl in 1850; is she in the Boone County Census? The only young Patterson girls in Boone County are shown in House 1125; they seem to have been adopted by a Perkins family. No Mattie or Matilda, but there is both a Levina and Lavina. Mistake? perhaps one of these was Mattie.

The census original shows Andrew's birth state as ``N.C.'' (North Carolina) although the transcriber has this as ``N.V.''

Lacking Rachael's maiden name, and, at first, Andrew's birth state, it seemed unlikely I would ever learn more in this line, but I kept looking anyway. Little did I know that another genealogist was also examining House number 905 of this Census sheet, having approached it from the ``other direction.''

One day, at Ancestry.com, I found Dee Townsend's records showing an ``Andrew Hudson'' married to a ``Rachel Gipson.'' That's the same last name as the female tenant in House 905, making Lurana a probable cousin of my famous great-great grandfather. The information was compatible with mine, and contained the remark: ``I [Dee Townsend] found Rachel Gipson on Page 125 of the 1850 Boone County Census.'' .... Eureka!!!

Dee Townsend is the great granddaughter of the Jacob Riley in House 822; his mother Delilah was surnamed Gipson before marriage and was the sister of the Rachael Gipson shown as ``Jefferson'' Hudson's mother (or step-mother). Indeed Jacob's parents died in about 1854 and it is likely that he was then adopted by his aunt Rachel Gipson Hudson. The biographies of Thomas Hudson mention no stepbrother but it is interesting that both Jacob Riley and Thomas Hudson are known to have lived in Nodaway County, Missouri, during the late 1860's.

Jacob Riley was a soldier in the Confederacy. None of Thomas Hudson's biographies mention any involvement in the Civil War, except that he made an unexplained trip to Nevada during that time. There's no evidence of any family schism due to the War, but if there were, it might help explain why Hudson provided his children no family records.

Dee Townsend and I had both zeroed in on the same household in the 1850 census from different directions: she was researching her Gipson cousins, I was looking for a Congressman's parents. And thanks to the fine efforts of the USGenWeb Census Project and Ancestry.com, two amateurs stumbled across each others' efforts and reconstructed part of the lost pedigree of a U. S. Congressman.

Thomas J. Hudson in other censuses

Once Thomas J. Hudson settled in Wilson County and became a prominent citizen, there are plenty of records of his activities, but how we will every reconstruct his early life or even determine the names of his parents? Not knowing where else to check, I keep looking for him in census records.

There is an Andrew Hudson of the right age in Ninevah, Bartholomew County of the 1840 Indiana census, along with five other males (15-20, 10-15, 5-10, two 0-5) and three females (40-50, 15-20, 5-10). This suggests Thomas may have been one of many children from Andrew's earlier marriage, but where did those other children go, and is the Boone County birthplace incorrect?

I have located Thomas Hudson in the 1860 census of Nodaway County, Missouri. He is shown in a household of one (living in a rooming house?), occupation school teacher, age 21 from Indiana. With all these details matching Hudson's biography, this can hardly be a coincidence. Comparing with his biography, this must be after he sent his wife and child back to Indiana, but before he made his trip to Nevada. Situation unclear!

Andrew Hutson (age 62) is still in Boone County in 1860, along with Rachel (51), Nancy (16), Isaac (15) and a William Moffett (18). These dates are compatible (except that Rachel is aging a little slowly!).

In 1870, Hudson's biography shows him in Wilson County, Kansas, but I find no likely-looking Thomas there. I'll look in the index again, checking for --- Hudson or --- Hutson.

In 1880, he appears in the Wilson County census. (I just checked the LDS index, without examining the image or even other household members.) His age is shown as 39 (he was born in '39 and was 41), his occupation is Lawyer, his birthstate Indiana, his father's birthstate is shown as KY and mother's is blank.

I haven't checked 1890, 1900, 1910.

In 1920 he appears with Emma and others. His father's birthstate is shown again as KY, mother's as NC -- opposite to our assumption.

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