Ranulf (Ramnulf Rainulf) I (Duke) of AQUITAINE

     aka Rannoux I de POITOU (POITIERS)

    Note: The wife and mother of Ramnulf I are mysteries with no clear solution. We attempt to show the solution due to Christian Settipani, as explained by my consulting expert Ricardo:
... a passage that mentioned that Gerard I de Auvergne was a gener of Pepin de Aquitaine. Because of chronological reasons some thought gener meant brother-in-law but as Christian Settipani explained given the context of the passage it is more likely that gener had its usual meaning of son-in-law. Chronologically Pepin de Aquitaine couldn't be grandfather of Ramnulf I. So Ramnulf I must be a son of a first marriage of Gerard. Settipani eventually came with a good conjecture that Ramnulf I's mother was Adaltrude daughter of Rorgon I de Maine and his mistress Rotrude daughter of Charlemagne. That is based on documents mentioning that Abbot Ebles of Saint-Dennis son of Ramnulf I was nepos of the Abbot Gauzlin (later Bishop of Paris) son of Rorgon I and that Ramnulf I was consaguineous (blood relative) of Raino II d'Heubarges son of Raino I'd Heubarges son of Hervé brother of Rorgon I. The conjecture by some that Ramnulf I's wife was Billichide daughter of Rorgon I and his wife Bilichilde can not explain the second reference and therefore since the two references of a relationship must refer to the same one it can not explain anything. It is also known that Ramnulf I's son Ramnulf II was cousin of Guillaume le Pieux and the Bilichilde conjecture can not explain it so Settipani conjectures that Ramnulf I's wife was a paternal aunt of Guillaume le Pieux and daughter of Bernard of Septimanie. Billichilde was daughter of Rorgon I not Rorgon II and Rorgon II had no wife named Bilichilde Rorgon I had. Billichilde was daughter of Bilichilde and Rorgon I and wife only of Bernard de Poitiers.

     Born:   ?   Died:  aft. 15 Sep 866     k. at Battle of Brissarthe

HM George I's 22-Great Grandfather.       HRE Ferdinand I's 18-Great Grandfather.       U.S. President [HAYES]'s 24-Great Grandfather.       Wm. von Bismarck's 27-Great Grandfather.       `Red Baron' Richthofen's 27-Great Grandfather.       Agnes Harris's 26-Great Grandfather.       Poss. `Osawatomie' Brown's 25-Great Grandfather.

 poss. Wives/Partners:       Maria(?) du MAINE   ;   Bilechilde de MAINE   ;   (Miss) of SEPTIMANIA (Aunt of Guillaume le Pieux)   ;   (Miss) of SEPTIMANIA
 Children:       Ranulf (Rainulf Ramnulf) II (King) of AQUITAINE   ;   Gauzbert   ;   Ebles (Abbot of St.-Denis)
 Possible Child:       Ermengarda (poss. de POITIERS)
/-- poss.  Childebrande I de PERRECY of AUTUN   +====> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/ or: Barnier
/ or: a different (NN) of AUSTRASIA
/   / OR: prob. not Childebrande I of AUTUN   +====> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/-- poss.  Thierry (Theoderic) (Count) of AUTUN [alt ped]
/ OR: Thierry (Theoderic) (Count) of AUTUN   +====> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/ OR: Makir Theodoric AYMERI   +====> [ 255 ,,xD,&]
\-- prob.  Rolande (Rolanda) of the FRANKS   +==&=> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/ or: Emma
/ OR: prob. Rolinde (Rolinda) d' AQUITAINE   +==&=> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/   / OR: poss. Miriam bat AHUNAI   +====> [ 249 ,,xD,&]
/-- poss.  William (I; Duke/Count) of TOULOUSE
/ OR: Ulrich I (Count) von ARGENGAU (& Linzgau)   +==&=> [ 255 ,,x,&]
\-- Aude (Aldana) of AUSTRASIA   +====> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/   / OR: Aldana d' AUTUN   +====> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/-- Gerhard I (Count) of AUVERGNE  (? - 25/6/841)
/-- Lambert (Count) von HORNBACH   +====> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/   / OR: poss. Lambert III von HORNBACH   +====> [ 255 ,,xY,&]
\-- poss.  Guibour (Witburge) von HORNBACH
/ or: Ulrich's wife
/ OR: prob. not Kunigunde (Auberge) of AUSTRASIA   +==&=> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/   \-- poss.  Gerberge de LAON   +====> [ 255 ,,x,&]
- Ranulf (Ramnulf Rainulf) I (Duke) of AQUITAINE
/-- Gauzlin (Gauzelin) (Count) du MAINE   +====> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/-- Rorico I (Count) du MAINE  (? - 841?)
\-- Adeltrude (Aldatrude)   +====> [ 255 ,,x,&]
/   / OR: prob. not Adeltrude   +====> [ 255 ,c,&]
\-- Adaltrude of MAINE
/ OR: poss. Hildegarde of AQUITAINE   +==&=> [ 255 ,C,&]
/ or: Rotrud (Hildegarde's sister)
/-- Charlemagne (King) of the FRANKS   +==&=> [ 255 ,,x,&]
\-- Hrothrudis of the FRANKS  (774 - 810)
\-- Hildegarde of VINZGAU (SWABIA)   +==&=> [ 255 ,,x,&]

  His (poss.) Grandchildren:       Ebles `Manzer' (Duke) de AQUITAINE   ;   Arsende de POITOU   ;   Amaury (Sn.) en POITOU   ;   Guinidilda (de AUSONE ?)   ;   Gausberto (Gausfredo) I (Count) de AMPURIAS   ;   Ersinde de ROUSSILLON

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