Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA)

     (This creature had genetic code, ring Dna and ribosomal RNA, Atp synthase and several other important enzymes. It had not yet settled on Dna replication method nor details of cell membrane or wall; hence the sharp deviations between Bacteria and Archaeotes in these mechanisms)

    External page: There is now a well-developed theory of life's origin: it began in pyrite thermal vents with micropores providing needed containment, and the acid-alkaline gradient providing free energy. A genetic code, and the ribosomes to implement it were first to evolve.

 "Child(ren)":       Proto-Bacteria   ;   Domain of Archaeota   ;   Empire of Life (Terra-Hydro Model)   ;   Empire of Life (Eight Kingdom Model)
 poss. "Partner(s)":       Last Universal Ancestor of Present Life
/-- Chemiosmosis
/-- Proto-Cell based on amino acids and nucleotides
/-- Alkaline hydrothermal vents
/  \-- Tiny cavities in iron sulphide rocks
/-- Proto-Cell based on RNA
/  \-- Natural Selection of Ribose mechanism
/-- Proto-Cell
/-- Proto-Cell with Genetic Code
/  \-- Natural Selection for Ribonucleoproteins & Genetic Code
/-- Early Methanogen
/  \-- Natural Selection of Dna and related enzymes
/-- Proto-Clostridium, a Methanogen with Ribosomes
/  \-- Natural Selection for Ribosomes
/-- Proto-Cell with Ring DNA, Ribosomes
/  \-- Primitive Lipid Membrane
- Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA)
\-- Natural Selection of Atp-Synthase

  (poss.) ``Grandchildren:''       Glycobacteria (Traditional Model)   ;   (NN), a Bacterium   ;   a Bacterium   ;   a Bacterium   ;   yet another Bacterium   ;   another Prokaryote   ;   Phylum Nanoarchaeota (ultra-small symbiotes)   ;   Phylum Euryarchaeota   ;   Kingdom Crenarchaeota   ;   an Archeaote   ;   another Archeaote   ;   Clade Selabacteria (Terra-Hydro Model)   ;   Phylum Fusobacteria   ;   Subempire Eukaryota

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