Henry II (King) of ENGLAND

     `Curtmantle' (`Courtmanteau'); d' ANJOU (ANGEVIN); FitzEMPRESS; PLANTAGENET

    Note: Valiant soldier, tireless administrator, ``always gentle and calm in times of urgent peril,'' loved and was loved by his people. His reign was a sharp contrast to the anarchy under Stephen and led to the English Common Law. After his marriage to Eleanor he ruled England, Normandy, Aquitaine, Brittany, Poitou, Anjou, Maine and Guienne.
    Note: ``... the very first of [the Plantagenet] name and race, and the very greatest King that England ever knew, but withal the most unfortunate ... his death being imputed to those only to whom himself had given life, his ungracious sons...'' -- Sir Winston Churchill (1620-1688)
    Note: Desperately ill, waging war against his own son, he abandoned the struggle for life when he learned that John, his youngest son, had joined Richard: ``Let things go as they will; Shame, shame on a conquered King.''

     Born:  Le Mans, France 5 Mar 1133    Died:  6 Jul 1189 Chinon, France

HM George I's 13-Great Grandfather.       HRE Ferdinand I's 9-Great Grandfather.       U.S. President [WASHINGTON]'s 16-Great Grandfather.       PM Churchill's 20-Great Grandfather.       HM Margrethe II's 20-Great Grandfather.       Gen. Pierpont Hamilton's 22-Great Grandfather.       Otto von Bismarck's 18-Great Grandfather.       `Red Baron' Richthofen's 19-Great Grandfather.       `Osawatomie' Brown's 18-Great Grandfather.       Jamie's 24-Great Grandfather.

 poss. Wives/Partners:       Rosamond (Joan) `the Fair' CLIFFORD   ;   Alice de PORHOET   ;   Eleanor (Duchess/Princess) of AQUITAINE   ;   Ida (Countess) de TOSNY   ;   Rosamund de CLIFFORD   ;   Annabel (de) BALIOL   ;   another mistress
 Children:       (Miss) FitzHENRY   ;   Mathilda (Countess) of RICHMOND   ;   Matilda (Maud) (Princess) of ENGLAND   ;   John `Lackland' (King) of ENGLAND   ;   Eleanor PLANTAGENET   ;   William LONGESPEE   ;   Geoffrey II PLANTAGENET (Duke) of BRITTANY   ;   Joan PLANTAGENET   ;   Richard I `Lion-Heart' (King) of ENGLAND   ;   William   ;   Henry (`Young King')   ;   Philip   ;   Joan   ;   Peter   ;   Geoffrey Longespee (Archbishop of York)   ;   Morgan of Beverley   ;   Hugh of Wells   ;   Richard
 Possible Children:       Walter de HALES   ;   bastard sibling of King Henry III or John
 Alternative Father of Possible Children:       King John (q.v., Henry's son)
/-- Geoffrey (II; III; Count in) de GATINAIS   +====> [ 255 ,c,&]
/-- Geoffrey II (IV; Count) in/of GATINAIS
| OR: prob. Geoffrey of GATINAIS [alt ped]   +==&=> [ 255 ,C,ptmY,&]
/  \-- Beatrice de MACON   +==&=> [ 255 ,C,ptmY,&]
/-- Foulques (Fulk) IV Rechin (Count) d' ANJOU
\-- Ermengarde (Blanche) (Countess) d' ANJOU   +==&=> [ 255 ,gC,tm,&]
/   | OR: Helie (Ella Heliette Eylo) de SEMUR   +==&=> [ 255 ,c,&]
/-- Foulques (Fulk) V (9th Count) de ANJOU
/  \-- Bertrade de MONTFORT (l' AMAURI)   +==&=> [ 255 ,gC,tm,&]
/-- Geoffrey V `the Fair' (`Plantagenet')
/-- Jean (I; Sn.) de la FLECHE   +====> [ 2]
/-- Elias I (Helius Helias) (Count) de MAINE
/  \-- Paula (Paule) (Heiress) du MAINE   +==&=> [ 255 ,gC,&]
\-- Ermengarde (Erembourge Ermengard) du MAINE
/   \-- Matilde (Mahaut) de CHATEAU-DU-LOIRE   +====> [ 255 ,gc,tm,&]
- Henry II (King) of ENGLAND
/-- William the CONQUEROR (Duke) of NORMANDY   +==&=> [ 255 ,gC,tmD,&]
/-- Henry I BEAUCLERC (King) of ENGLAND
/  \-- Matilda (Maud) FLEMING   +==&=> [ 255 ,HG,&]
\-- Matilda (Maud Augusta) the EMPRESS
/-- Malcolm III MacCRINAN (19th King) of SCOTS   +==&=> [ 255 ,gc,tD,&]
\-- Matilda (Edith Eagdith) `Atheling' STEWART of SCOTLAND
/-- Edward `the OutLaw' of ENGLAND   +==&=> [ 255 ,G,&]
\-- Margaret (Queen; Saint) of SCOTLAND
\-- prob.  Agatha (RURIKID)   +==&=> [ 255 ,Gc,Rtm,&]
| OR: Agatha of POLAND   +==&=> [ 255 ,gc,vtm,&]
| OR: prob. not Agatha of AUGSBURG   +==&=> [ 255 ,c,Vptm,&]

  His (poss.) Grandchildren:       John (II) FitzALAN   ;   Constance de RICHEMONT (Duchess) de BRETAGNE   ;   Richza of BAVARIA   ;   Mahaut (Maud) of SAXONY   ;   Heinrich I `Longus' WELF (Duke/Pfalzgraf) of SAXONY   ;   William (I; Duke) of BRUNSWICK-LUNEBURG   ;   Otto IV (EMPEROR) of GERMANY   ;   Henry III (King) of ENGLAND   ;   Richard PLANTAGENET de CORNAOUAILLES   ;   Eleanor (Alianor) of ENGLAND   ;   Isabella (Elisabeth) (Princess) of ENGLAND   ;   Joan of NORTH WALES   ;   Richard (of DOVER) FitzJOHN   ;   Richard de RIVERS (Count of MORTAIN)   ;   Matilda (FitzJOHN ?)   ;   Isabella `la Blanche' (FitzROY)   ;   Berengaria Alphonsa (Queen) of CASTILE   ;   Blanche (Blanca) Alphonsa (Princess) of CASTILE   ;   Urraca (Princess) of CASTILE   ;   Ela LONGESPEE   ;   Mary LONGESPEE   ;   Stephen LONGESPEE   ;   William (II; Sir) LONGESPEE   ;   Isabel LONGESPEE   ;   Ida LONGESPEE   ;   Arthur `the Posthumous' (Count) d' ANJOU   ;   William III of NAPLES   ;   Raymond VII (Count) of TOULOUSE   ;   Jeanne de TOULOUSE   ;   Isabel (prob. FitzROY)   ;   Philippe de FALCOMBRIDGE   ;   Richard (Pretender King of ENGLAND) FitzLEO   ;   Roger de HAYLS   ;   (Miss) MEULAND

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