Allens in some Early Censuses

Early censuses of Rowan Co., North Carolina

Here are the Allen households of 1790 Rowan Co.:

The 1790 census had only 2 age categories for free white males, and 1 for free white females. The two other categories were ``other free'' and slaves.

Here are the Allen households of 1800 Rowan Co.:

John, Joseph, Rubin, Thomas all on same census page:

Hugh, Richard on same census page:

With this year there were five age categories for free males, and five for free females -- 0-10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45+. (Richard Allen shows up in the index as ``Richard Atten'' but I noticed him since he was next-door to Hugh Allin.)

Elsewhere is shown Joseph Allen (1755 - by 1830) of Rowan or Lincoln County, with children William, Frances, Abraham (d. 1811), Isaac (m. 1813), Jacob, Eleanor B., Mary B., Sarah, Elizabeth. These children (4M, 5F) match exactly those of the census Joseph Allin, and the dates are about right. Looks like a ``certain'' match.

I checked Rowan County looking for James Allen (3), born there about 1785. Only one Allin male of the right age shows up in 1790, and assuming Joseph's family are newcomers as appears to be the case, there is only one in 1800. James might have father Thomas and grandfather John, all living together in 1790. Some gap or flaw in the records is probably as likely, so I should try to track down these early North Carolina Allens.

Here are some Allens born in early Rowan County that show up in LDS records:

Here are two other Allens, also found via LDS, with marriages in early Rowan County: (Unfortunately, these marriages might be too early for these to be parents of 3 and are too late to be grandparents.)

I'll show the Allen households of 1810 Rowan Co., though by this time James Allen (3) had moved to Indiana:

Hmm, Thomas is gone too, where did he go?

1810 Kentucky Census

There were 18 Allen households in 1810 Shelby County. (Washington, Benjamin, Charles, Robert P., Andrew, Thomas, Joseph, 2x Stephen, 2x William, 3x James, James D., 3x John.) We detail only one:

This must be and wife. The second adult female is possibly spinster sister Annie. Wish we knew the seven children.

There were 2 Allin households in 1810 Boone County. (I checked this county because Wilford Allen (4.3.2) was allegedly born there in 1809.)

No males born 1809 here.

Since the Allens of Ripley County do not seem to derive from Boone, I checked neighboring counties in Northeast Kentucky.

There were 12 Allen households in 1810 Bourbon County. None of them has all the people of appropriate ages to be compatible with Sarah Allen of 1820 Ripley.

There were 8 Allen households in 1810 Mason County. None fits perfectly with Sarah Allen of 1820 Ripley; here are three that come closest:

There were 14 Allen households in 1810 Fayette County. Haven't checked yet.

1820 Kentucky Census

There were 32 Allen households in 1820 Shelby County. (1810 names except 1 Stephen, 1 John, and Washington. Also another Benjamin, Andrew, 2x Thomas, 2x William. Also John J., John M., Josias, Bartlett F., Elijah, Samuel, Robert H., Montgomery, Jane, Ann, Mary.) We detail only one:

Three more children for Robert Polk Allen!

There were 8 Allen or Allin households in 1820 Boone County. None of these are likely to be of interest, but I show those with a son (or any James) of age 10-30:

1820 Indiana Census

There were 65 Allen households in 1820 Indiana. I've identified none of these for sure, but two as probable: Montgomery in Ripley Co. (a brother of my ancestor John W. Allen) and James in Washington County (our individual 3).

There were no Allens in ``our counties'' -- Putnam and Monroe. (We do show ``Ethan B. Allen'' bought land in Monroe from Ekikain Crosley in 1819.)

In Posey County, a possible early stopping-point for ``our Allens,'' there were two households -- headed by Robert and William. In Washington County, another possible stopping-point, there were four households -- Joseph, James, Elkinnen, and Sarah. James is probably our individual 3.

I haven't established any link between 3 and my Allens, but it seems plausible based on names (for example 3 named a son ``Harrison'' which was also used in the name of Major John Allen's daughter) and places (his migration from Rowan County to Kentucky to Putnam County mimics the travels of some of our Allens.) Perhaps adding 3 and his descendants to my charts is ``wishful thinking'' but if some bit of evidence turns up I will have made a Genealogical Discovery and that's the name of the game.

Here are the Allen households of 1820 Ripley Co.:

1830 Kentucky Census

Among the Allen households in 1830 Shelby County is:

1830 Indiana Census

Here are the Allen households in 1830 Monroe Co.:

Of these five, only my ancestor Montgomery Allen (1766 - 1835) is identified. (This is his one and only Indiana census.)

There were two Givens households in 1830 Monroe Co., James and John. These are almost surely and

In Putnam County there are eight Allen households if my notes are correct. These include John W. and Robert, sons of Montgomery (1766), five who I haven't identified (Uriah, David, John and two Williams), and a James Allen, who I assume is the James Allen (1785 - 1837) (my individual 3) shown elsewhere from North Carolina who married Delilah Wright and lived in Putnam County, although the dates don't seem to mesh perfectly.

Here are the Allen households of 1830 Putnam Co.:

I see only two Allen households in 1830 Ripley Co. (where are the two Montgomery Allen households??):

(I also show a household that appears to be named James McAllae, on the off-chance that this name is misread.)

LDS shows Eli Nie Allen born 12 May 1819 Ripley (Laughery Twp.) to Eli Allen and Elizabeth Shepherd who were married 29 July 1818 in Franklin, Indiana; however the dates seem incompatible with the above 1830 family. Two Eli Allens show in 1820 Indiana Head of Households -- in Dearborn and Franklin counties. (There were also Eliezer and Elijah, in Clark and Fayette cos.)

``James Alle'' is shown in the Ancestry index; it might be ``Allen.'' Some of the numbers (*) are difficult to read.
Perhaps one of these households is the same as a household in 1820 Ripley, but no match is clear. James might match Montgomery of 1820, assuming a widow aged 40-50 has moved in with her teenage daughter. However had a brother James Madison Allen, so it seems unlikely that his full name could have been James Montgomery Allen.

1840 Indiana Census

In Monroe County, Montgomery, Jesse and one of the Thomases disappear by 1840. James, William, Nancy and John W. (Montgomery's son) appear. (A speculation: Nancy, then aged 60 - 70, might have been the spinster sister of Montgomery Allen.) Here are the seven Allen households of 1840 Monroe Co.:

The John W. and Nancy households were near each other. A Campbell household was next-door to John W. Allen.

Nineteen Givens households appear in the 1840 Indiana census index at Here are the four Givens households of Monroe Co.:

Robert and James were next-door neighbors. (Perhaps they were and, with Robert's wife passed away.) No household of Perhaps the census index shows him with another surname spelling. I need to keep searching censuses!!

The wife of Alex Givens here looks like the only ``Givens'' of right age and sex in 1840 Monroe Co. to become John W. Allen's second wife. The idea that Alex is is pure speculation.

In 1840 Ripley County, there were nine Allen households (Wilford, James, Merit, Montgomery, William, James, Dike, William, J.J.) and two Allin households (William, John). Here are three that were neighbors:

Montgomery Allen and James Allen were next-door neighbors (or at least they were adjacent in census); Merit was recorded three lines later. James appears to be husband of Rosilla in the 1850 census. Boys in Montgomery's household are consistent with 4.1.1, but not girls. Merit was 30 years old in 1840 and his wife was 28, so either I or the censustaker presumably made a mistake copying the ages for that household.

Perhaps there was a ``Havey'' household near the Montgomery Allen of 1840 and the Montgomery Allen of 1820. Check this.

1850 Indiana Census

There were 8 Allen households in 1850 Monroe County. I may relate only to one (John W. Allen). This is the census where Johnathon and David Allen appear. (John and Nancy disappear.)

Here are some Allen households of 1850 Monroe Co.:

Robert N. Allen remains in Putnam County. By the 1850 census, he has a neighbor Joseph Allen, who may be his cousin.

Another Allen family of Putnam County has the following pedigree. They appear unrelated to my Allens, but they were also early immigrants from Ulster.

This line appears in my Other Allen chart.

There were 9 Givens, Givins or Gwins households in 1850 Monroe County. (Gwins evidently a transcription error for Givins.) These households include those of and three or four of his sons (all in Van Buren District, the sons ``Givins'') and also include those of and one of his sons (in Bloomington and Perry Districts, the son shown as ``Gwins'' by census transcription project, but ``Givins'' in Ancestry index).

Here I mention only the three Givens households of 1850 Monroe which I have not yet identified:

(Monroe County land deeds suggest that Robert B. Givens was probably a fourth son of For example, on 24 March 1845 John A. Givens deeded land to both Bennet O. Givens and Robert B. Givens. The former was his son. Who was the latter if not also his son ?)

I do not list the Allen households of 1850 Ripley Co., some of which are shown implicitly in my Allen chart. I will mention just one:

A Sprague family (which provided Montgomery Allen with a daughter-in-law) lived nearby.

1850 Kentucky Census -- Shelby Co.

Several of the ``Shelbyville Allens'' show up in 1850 Shelby Co. of course, including William P. Allen who seemed to appear with his father in the 1830 Monroe Co. census.

Here are some Allen households of 1850 Shelby Co.:

1860 Indiana Census

At least fourteen new Allen households appear in 1860 Monroe County. These are of limited interest to us, although this may be the first census mention of the mysterious Eliza Ann Allen (b. ca 1815).

Here are some Allen households of 1860 Monroe Co.:

I do not list the Allen households of 1860 Ripley Co., except one to which we give special attention:

Montgomery Allen

Also on this web page I list some of the Montgomery Allens I've encountered. I began looking for them when I thought the ``Montgomery'' might indicate descent from Deborah Montgomery, but only five of the Montgomery Allens to turn up appear to be part of my line:

(Thus, of the five, probably only one is actually named after Deborah Montgomery, with one named after her mother, two after Montgomery-1766 and one unexplained.)

Here are the Montgomery Allens before 1860 in the census index. As usual, the boldface index numbers refer to the Descendancy Charts on this website. I've set these into groups, to show the putative minimum of six individuals born before 1830.

Here are some other Montgomery Allens I've noticed outside Indiana:

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