Early Indiana Allens from Shelbyville, Kentucky

By ``Shelbyville Allens'' I mean Allen descendants of six grandsons of Robert Allan.

Robert Allan (1695?-1769) was born in Armagh, Ulster, but by 1738 was part of the Hite Pioneers, first to settle near the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. (Was Winchester indeed the first ``American town'' West of the Blue Ridge?) Robert had seven children:

One difficulty is that ``Allen'' is a very common surname. (I envy those researching Metcalfe.) Let's consider just Allens with first name ``Montgomery.''

Montgomery Allen's

My problem is ``Allen'' is such a common surname.

At least fourteen ``Montgomery Allens'' show up in U.S. censuses 1800-1860 but these may be as few as six individuals. At least three are plainly visible in Indiana:

The other three may be
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